The Ultimate Guide To Professional Resume Formatting


Nowadays, a professional resume is a must to get hired in any job profile. To get an effective resume, one has sought professionals. A professional resume formatting gets the jobseeker to claim the topmost priority out there of other resumes. A difference is added in a resume when a professional writer in a proper manner. The resume holds a vital part of the whole job application process. One gets a closer view of the jobseeker by knowing the overall personality in the resume.

In a professional resume, one has to add a lot to grab hold of the attention. There has to be a creative mind involved with the professional touch to reach out well to the audience. There could be numerous applications with the budding competition everywhere in a job posting, so reaching out a resume with professional work is easy to pick upon.

With a regular hectic schedule of a busy life, it becomes difficult to spend more time in any activity. Likewise, recruiters hardly spend 10 and 30 seconds reviewing a resume among the many in desk for any job profile. It is a lot easier to handpick the one with a professional approach as it brings clarity, systemic, and objective way of resume selection for any candidate.

The Art Of Resume Writing

Every resume has some general formatting such as the margins of one-inch in the all four sides of the page, usage of font 11 or 12pt, a proper header with candidates contact details, and other belonging; no photos are found in all types of resume, but sometimes the job description by the company may demand it then it needs to be there, simple and concise words with a consistent flow in every way are required.

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The resume can be of 2 or more pages for long resumes, may include more experience and skills of the candidates, extra space in each section heading before, and afterward adds freshness to any resume. Some other formats of resume writing include a line spacing of 1.15 between the texts, a systematic approach with bulletins used when talked about the experience in various job profiles and other activities, equal divisions of sections like Contact Information, Resume Summary, Work Experience, Education, Skills and Other Subheadings make the resume useful in use.

Types of Resume Formats

The most common types of professional resume can be written mainly in three ways:

  • Reverse-chronological
  • Functional (or skills-based)
  • Combination (or hybrid orchrono-functional)

These resume format types are different from each other in their primary focus approach style. Also, one can find some advantages and disadvantages along with it, which can be as follows:

The Format Of Chronological Resume

All well know the chronological resume format, for it is quite popular in use. In this type of resume, the descriptions of each of the jobs and the brief descriptions of responsibilities are listed in chronological pattern with the order starting with the most current job status. Most of the resume writing services prefer chronological resume for the professional outlook. This resume includes each job’s dates, and it usually includes a section of career objective, a skills & attributes section or profile, and an education section.

The Format Of Functional Resume

The functional resume format is a less found resume, for it is often recommended for people who have not worked for a while or gaps in the work history. The chief feature of this resume format is the skills, attributes, and accomplishments of the candidates. The inclusion of a career objective with any educational qualifications enhance the resume. No dates are found in this type of resume. The career history section includes the list of company names and each company’s location with the preferred job titles. The advantage of using this format is the usual shorten length of a resume.

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It makes the resume simple, short, and concise. The functional resume format has a practical outlook with the reduced the number of pages that an employer will have to read and thus making the application more impactful and worthful read. Most of the recruiters do not prefer this type of resume formatting. They cannot find the clarity to understand the previous job history, and many times there is the possibility to dump in the garbage if multiple questions arise. This resume gives professional biodata formatting to the candidates who have lost some time at work and want to get employed as soon as possible.

The Format Of Combination Resume

The combination resume is considered as the best professional resume format. The name as a combination implies the meaning of both the best called the chronological resume and the functional resume. Here, there is a functional resume format, but dates are included in it along with the job. The first part includes the primary interest of the employer, which needs to be shown effectively. Therefore, the employer acknowledges the value that the candidate can provide to the company, the other gaps or loopholes may be overlooked when an interview unfolds.

The resume is the present, past, and future of any candidate. It can be explained as a resume with the skills, education, experience of now, and past for the future of any job seeker in any job profile. All can do the art of writing a resume writing, but the professional resume formatting needs to be mastered over time and experience. Professionals are seeking for resume building for getting a significant result. The formatting follows some guidelines which need to be instructed in a well-designed manner.

The resume holds topmost priority in getting hired. It is the first impression which one creates in the eyes of the recruiter. Also, through the resume, the recruiter gets the candidate’s first-hand knowledge and further asks questions more or less related to it in the face-to-face interview. Half of the recruiter’s answer already gets solved by the manner of the resume is presented. In the best words, the resume can make or break the dream of any job profile.

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