DTP Labs – The Leading Desktop Publishing In Automotive Industry

Automobiles are one of the most iconic modern inventions, and the industry is constantly witnessing innovations in the industry. Having to deal with rather complex processes means dealing with a plethora of components and processes. That necessitates having to deal with countless documents. In order to ensure that these documents are of the best quality, you will need desktop publishing in automotive industry.

Need To Outsource Desktop Publishing Services

Just as a car is not only about its utilitarian features but its aesthetic appeal and design, similarly, a document is more than its content, and the typography and the aesthetic with which the information is presented on it play a crucial role. DTP Labs is the most preferred service provider for desktop publishing in automotive industry.

When you outsource desktop publishing services to us, you ensure that those documents are just as visually and aesthetically striking as your products. We shall make desirable changes in font sizes, margins, paragraph spacing, line spacing, indents, alignment, etc.

Another reason to outsource desktop publishing services with us is that we provide truly multilingual support. Thus, we can provide you with DTP assistance for all the languages spoken on the planet – English, German, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Japanese, etc.

PDF to word conversion

E-Learning Localization Services by DTP Labs

eLearning is widely used in the automobile industry for teaching, training, and orienting engineers, employees, etc. Often this eLearning content takes different forms – verbal, images, presentations, videos, etc. When automobile companies are expanding, they must adapt this content to the requirements of new regions – that is called e learning localization.

E-Learning Localization involves adopting various forms of content – from written content to pictures for the new locality. This involves making changes like image localization, on-screen text localization, changing tags and attributes, etc. DTP Labs provides all these services and thus can be your single-stop solution for e-learning localization.

Image Localization, Editing, and Retouching Services by DTP Labs

Image localization may be required as a part of e learning localization or for specific images. DTP Labs provide this service. Properties like alt-tags, attributes, etc. are edited as a part of this service. DTP Labs will also do desirable editing and retouching for images. All these services are availed at competitive prices, and the results are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Our PDF to Word Conversion Services

Most of the time, the automotive industry deals with PDF files. It is chosen format for documents meant for public use – like brothers, but also many internal documents as the documents in this format can be easily opened in virtually any format. The documents in this format though are not edited or made changes to – that is why automotive industries may run into the need for PDF to word conversion services. We provide high-quality, CAT-compliant, and error-free conversions.

These PDF to word conversion services can easily combine with our other offerings like DTP and localization. Thus, you don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and can get all the services from us. Contact us for more details!