Get the Best Multilingual Desktop Publishing in Healthcare Industry at DTP Labs

The healthcare industry handles thousands of documents every day, from research on new clinical trials to end-patient care. The typesetting for many of these documents is of critical importance. Thus, it should be done only by professional services. Moreover, the aesthetic of documents must be retained across various languages. Thus, the need for multilingual desktop publishing in healthcare industry is keenly felt.

Our Multilingual Typesetting and Formatting Services

DTP Labs provides professional DTP services for this purpose. These services include setting the font style, size, alignment, margins, etc., to perfection. Often enterprises have the same document in multiple languages. We shall ensure that the document retains the same typesetting aesthetic across different languages in such cases.

Advantages of Going with DTP Labs

  • All languages– Our multilingual desktop publishing in healthcare industry are available for documents in all languages, including European and Oriental languages. Thus, we can be a single stop for all DTP services.
PDF to word conversion
  • Quality assurance– The professional DTP services are provided by experts with a keen insight into the services who provide the highest quality or results. To further ensure quality, the documents go through multiple checks
  • Flexibility– You can also request our professional DTP services for only a small portion of a larger document.
  • Always approachable– We use only in-house resources for multilingual desktop publishing in healthcare industry and assign a SPOC or Single Point of Contact for our clients. Through these measures, we maintain a steady channel of communication with our customers and can provide prompt services.

DTP Labs – The Best firm for eLearning Translation and Localization for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare enterprises are constantly training and orienting new doctors, nurses, etc., across different world locations. To attain this object, they create eLearning content which must be localized to adopt by various communities. DTP Labs is the best firm for eLearning translation and localization, providing specialized services for the industry.

Our eLearning localization services ensure that typesetting and the format of the documents are consistent across translations given by clients after making the desired changes in the document. Our localization service is holistic in that it transcends verbal content and covers multimedia content like pictures, videos, audio, etc. In short, we can provide localization in whatever form your eLearning content may take – presentations, modules, videos, audio, SAAS, etc. Further, these services are available for all types of e-Learning software used by healthcare firms and companies. Thus, we are the best firm for eLearning translation and localization.

PDF File to Word Conversion Services by DTP Labs

The healthcare industry has a preference for PDF format for its documents as these files can be easily opened on any device using a browser. These files are easy to create, but they can’t be easily edited. Healthcare enterprises can easily resolve this issue by going with our PDF File to Word Conversion Services.

Our PDF File to Word Conversion Services will provide you with translation-ready CAT-compliant word files. We shall also ensure that the document will retain the original typesetting during the process.

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