DTP Labs – The Best Way To OutsourcePDF Conversion Services In Legal Industry

Lawyers and legal firms are continuously dealing with several documents every day – most of these are stored and shared in Portable Document Format (PDF). The format makes it easy to open the documents on almost every device but it also makes them rather difficult to edit. Yet, the legal services need to edit these documents. That is where the legal enterprise needs to outsource PDF conversion services in legal industry.

Our PDF To Word Conversion Services

DTP Labs provides excellent PDF file to Word conversion services that can help legal enterprises in this regard. We shall convert your PDF file into a translation-ready file – even making manual corrections wherever necessary. The document shall also be restored to the original format and typesetting. You can also use it as your document formatting service provider.

Our Post-Translation Formatting Services

One of the most common reasons these services are requested is for translation as there is a growing need for legal translation among legal firms, courts, and financial institutions to reach global clients in their native language. So, these legal documents need to be well formatted and in pristine condition. Without proper formatting, the document could fall apart.

At DTP Labs, we provide CAT (Computer Aided Translation) compliant files making it easy for our clients to get them translated.

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Once the document has been translated, we can also provide the post-translation formatting (DTP) in word files. Under this service, DTP Labs will manage the layout and format of the translated document, including fonts, font sizes, margins, line length, line spacing alignment, etc. – keeping it as close to the original document as possible.

These post-translation formatting (DTP) in word services are available in all the languages of the world – including – both European and Oriental languages, including bidirectional languages.

Perks of Going with DTP Labs

One of the biggest reasons for choosing to outsource PDF conversion services in legal industry is the high-quality documents we generate which come with the aesthetic of the original document maintained. To ensure the quality, we make multiple quality checks to ensure that the document is error-free.

We have a customer-centric approach and adapt to the needs of our customers. Thus, if you need some urgent conversions, we shall do that for you. We also provide partial conversions when our PDF file to word conversion services are requested for only a part of the document.

When coupled with post-translation formatting (DTP) in Word, we provide holistic DTP services where the client only provides a translation and we handle the rest.

Another perk of choosing us as your document formatting service provider is maintaining privacy. We understand that law firms must ensure the privacy of their clients and thus provide our PDF file to word conversion services with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to ensure the confidentiality of their data.

By partnering with us as your document conversion and document formatting service provider, you will be able to save both the money and the time of your employees – precious resources that can now focus on your core operations.