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Publishing related services

DTP LABS offers a broad range of typesetting and page design/pagination services in all languages, including Asian, European, Middle Eastern, African, Indic etc. We work with a number of publishers around the globe, and have earned an indomitable reputation for quality and reliability. We work on projects of all sizes, languages, formats and platforms. We offer dedicated personnel with a single-point-of-contact account manager. Most of our staff are certified professionals with more than 15 years of experience & technical know-how. We follow strict quality assurance processes.

Our Publishing related services

Our diverse range of Desktop Publishing services includes:

  • Multilingual and/or single language typesetting/pagination/layout
  • Co-edition (translated) layouts
  • Scanning/OCR and metadata services for archiving old books/journals
  • Format conversion (conversion from PageMaker to QuarkXPress, InDesign, etc, including cross-platform)
  • XML Conversion

Typesetting/Page Layout Services

At DTP LABS, we effectively transform your words, images and ideas into innovative, attractive and contemporary ready-to-publish materials (for web and print publications).


Our customized and dedicated services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for publishers, online authors, print media, e-commerce retailers, magazines, newspapers, business organizations (ranging from small-medium scale to fortune 500) and advertisement agencies.


Our production team is well versed in all composition software, working with:

  • InDesign
  • QuarkXPress
  • PageMaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Visio


We specialize in page layout/typesetting/formatting/pagination (including page make-up) within the following categories:


  • Books: Educational, Fiction, Non-fiction, Scientific, Technical, Mathematical
  • Journals: Technical, Mathematical, Scientific and Educational
  • Magazines: all types
  • Brochures
  • User Guides and Manuals
  • Technical & Shop Manuals
  • Multilingual newsletters
  • Multimedia and slide presentations
  • Localizing and formatting various localized materials like brochures, business cards, newsletters, technical manuals, user guides and manuals, flyers and much more
  • Crafting innovative templates and documents for various online and print publication tasks.
  • Precise text and layouts creation for books, newsletters and magazines, journals, comics (including manga), dictionaries, directories, and so on
  • Business eBooks, brochures and menus creation in accordance to EPUB3 standard for a well-formatted and aesthetically pleasing layout on hand-held devices
  • We also have expertise in large document typesetting


We are fully acquainted with all kinds of typesetting procedures, and have typesetting specialists who use the latest typesetting technologies and software. We also specialize in migrating content between various file formats, fully preserving layout information.


Our clientele includes publishing houses and translation companies, in addition to authors. One of our specialties is the setting of both English as well as non-English text on the same page, taking care of the typographic nuances of both languages. At DTP LABS, our aim is to produce documents of the highest quality, as close to perfection as possible. Our formatting, images, programs and fonts are all industry-standard and second to none.


We work in all languages. While our main emphasis is in the typesetting of books and journals while focusing on the typography that our clients have come to expect from us, we also handle a wide range of different challenges from phone directories to appliance manuals. We can match or adapt existing layout specifications, or design from scratch, using your choice of fonts.


It is like your very own team working at an offshore location, with at least 50% cost saving and no issues of headcount, recruitment, infrastructure management, employee insurance, etc. We provide for a time overlap with your office timings. A dedicated account manager manages the entire communication with you. Entire payment may be made after receiving satisfactory delivery of service. References can be provided on request.

OCR and Scanning

DTP LABS can convert your hard-copy manuscripts into digital, editable text. Using state-of-the-art hardware and software, your hard-copy manuscripts or scans are converted into a format of your choice (like searchable PDFs, Word, e-books), ready for rapid, organized and simple storage and retrieval.


Alternatively, if you just want to re-print/archive without any modifications, we can scan at high resolution and provide the output in a format ready-to-publish. We even take care of ‘crooked’ pages, to ensure that the new manuscript is absolutely ‘straight’ and not skewed. We also ‘clean-up’ the pages, removing any dust specks. We can create searchable PDFs with hidden text in the background.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is a rapid method of data entry. However, depending upon the quality of paper, font size, font type etc, it may not be very accurate. We, therefore, also proofread the manuscript to eliminate any OCR errors which may have crept in. Conversion using the above process is more accurate and more efficient than plain keystroke data input. We also have expertise in XML/SGML coding, and can tag the OCR output as per your requirements.


In a nutshell, we provide a full range of digital conversion services, including imaging, to leading publishers, academic institutions, financial institutions, government agencies, and major corporations. We convert paper, microfilm, and early-generation electronic content into digital data to meet all your e-publishing and e-content needs.

Electronic Books (e-books) Creation

An e-Book (or electronic book) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. Such documents are usually read on personal computers, on dedicated hardware devices, and even on PDAs and Mobile phones.


The e-Book has several advantages over physical books:


  • Text can be searched and cross-referenced using hyperlinks, making the e-book format ideal for works that benefit from such functions
  • Less physical space is required to store e-books, and hundreds to thousands of books may be stored on a single device
  • As they require little space, e-books can be offered indefinitely, with no going out of print date, allowing authors to continue to earn royalties indefinitely
  • Readers who have difficulty reading printed books can benefit from the adjustment of text size and font face
  • E-book devices allow reading in low light or even total darkness by means of a back light
  • An e-book may be more comfortable for some to hold because it need not be held open like a physical book and can also be set down and read without needing to be held
  • It costs little to reproduce or copy an e-book, which is ideal for archival and backup purposes
  • Ease of distributing e-texts means that they can be used to stimulate higher sales of printed copies of books
  • E-books can often be purchased from reading devices themselves and do not require one to visit a bookstore to obtain
  • Although they require electricity to be read, the production of e-books does not consume the paper, ink, and other resources that are used to produce print books.


We specialize in creating e-Books in PDF, Amazon Kindle, .epub and .mobi formats


DTP LABS production team is highly qualified and have color corrected over 12 million images. Our success has turned us into one of the noted service providers.


Our Production Team offers:


  • Raw Conversion
  • JPEG Color Correction
  • Culling Services (editing unwanted images)
  • Categorizing/Indexing
  • Renumbering/Renaming the images
  • Artistic Edits


All reprographic requests will be assessed by our before processing the order. Our goal is to help you concentrate on shoots and leave the post production hassles to us. We love doing it!