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If you’re looking for a Complex multilingual desktop publishing services on localised documents in all languages using up-to-date authoring, page layout, and graphics applications to match the source and maintain target language typography and standards, you should definitely check out DTP Labs.


DTP Labs has years of expertise in localizing E-Learning courses, online training, presentations, and other training and development resources. We work with Storyline, Rise, Adobe Captivate, Lectora and other technologies, delivering high-quality material across a wide range of e-learning formats and applications.


We have a team of professional document conversion specialists, who convert PDFs (both scanned and editable) to Microsoft Word efficiently and cost-effectively, with excellent quality and accuracy. The files are ready for translation, and are 100% CAT-tool compliant.


In addition to localization of the source art, we also provide services like screen capture, bitmap and vector art editing, image manipulation/optimization, photo-editing and vectorization services.


We provide services to publishers for book layout, typesetting (including co-edition layouts), creation of web edition, OCR & Scanning, electronic books (e-books) creation etc.


In addition to the content, your resume/curriculum vitae should look visually appealing and formatted according to market standards. You can provide us with the content, we shall make it look professional!


We provide high-quality transcription services to language translation companies, business organizations, schools, media, universities, law firms, and art institutes, amongst others.

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Our PDF Remediation & Accessibility Services take care of the complete reme-diation process. We provide end-to-end PDF accessibility services to ensure compliance with Section 508, WCAG & AODA guidelines……more

Our Strengths

  • Latest as well as legacy versions of software
  • One-stop for all languages, including Middle Eastern (right-to-left), Asian, Indic, Cyrillic etc
  • Currently work with 8 of the top 20 translation agencies worldwide
  • Cover the full European timezone, and provide for a time overlap for US-based clients
  • 700+ projects handled monthly
  • Single point-of-contact account manager
  • Single point source of skills, covering the entire spectrum of publishing


At Your Beck-And-Call

Give us a shout and we will get in touch with you at any time convenient to you! And as we meet in the real or virtual world, we are confident that we’ll more than match up to your needs.

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    DTP Labs: One-Stop Solutions for All Desktop Publishing Needs

    Once upon a time, creating a strong design and maintaining uniformity throughout whatever you were publishing, whether it was a handbook or advertising, needed hours of laborious manual labor. With desktop publishing company such as DTP Labs for desktop publishing, it is astonishingly simple to ensure that your publications adhere to a specified and consistent template, independent of the target market, nation, or language.

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    Some individuals may be unfamiliar with the notion of DTP services; thus, what is desktop publishing?


    Desktop publishing services include the use of a computer and page layout software to prepare a manuscript for publication. The program typically works on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get basis; what you see on the screen is a near-exact replica of the document that will be published with the help of DTPservices. With a professional and experienced user of desktop publishing software, almost limitless options become available. 


    Are you seeking an amazing desktop publishing solution to format your multilingual papers in Spanish, Vietnamese, German, or Arabic in a professional manner? Then your search ends with DTP Labs. DTP Labs have a huge staff of multilingual publishers and desktop publishing company professionals that are well-educated in typesetting and document formatting utilizing worldwide typographical rules and best practices in graphic design. In addition, DTP Labs have streamlined the DTP process, so having your documents properly prepared is now very simple and affordable.


    A reputable desktop publishing company like DTP Labs gives high-quality desktop publishing, audiovisual engineering, and e-learning services provided globally by localization firms and translation organizations.Also, DTP Labs tops the list to outsource PDF to Word conversion services as you get the converted files in excellent quality and with accuracy.


    The following are the desktop publishing services offered by DTP Labs:


    Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)


    DTP Labs is the place to go if you want complex multilingual desktop publishing services on localized documents in all languages utilizing the most recent authoring, page layout, and graphics programs to match the source and preserve target language typography and standards.


    Localization Of E-Learning Content


    With DTP Labs’s certified specialist’s in-house recording studios, ISO-guaranteed work procedures, and media engineers, plus a talent pool of over 2,000 professional interpreters, voice artists, language screens, and in-house localizers, DIP Labs provides the finest eLearning translation and localization services.


     Outsource PDF to WORD Conversion Services


    The best decision is to outsource PDF to Word conversion services, as they have a team of professionals that can translate PDFs to Microsoft Word in a timely, precise, and inexpensive manner. All files are fully CAT tool compatible and may be translated immediately. 


    Services Connected to Publishing


    As a service to publishers, DTP Labs offers a wide range of options for book design, typography (including co-edition layouts), online edition production, optical character recognition (OCR), scanning, and e-book generation.


    Transcription Services for Audio


    DTP Labs provide superior transcribing services to language translation agencies, commercial organizations, schools, media, colleges, legal firms, and art institutions, among others.


    PDF Accessibility & Remediation Services


    The best firm for elearning translation and localization services such as DTP Labs’s PDF Remediation & Accessibility Services handle the whole process of remediation. Companies such as DTP Labs provide comprehensive PDF accessibility services to guarantee compliance with Section 508, WCAG, and AODA standards.


    How exactly do desktop publishing services operate?


    The initial step is to determine the appropriate program. In the 1980s, when DTP services were introduced, the difference between DTP and word processing was enormous. While word processors such as Microsoft Word have made some progress, there is still a substantial gap between word processing and desktop publishing software such as QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Photoshop, and Microsoft’s Visio, Project, and SQL.


    A DTP program requires consideration of both virtual and physical pages. Physical pages are the actual pages on which the content is printed, whereas virtual pages are the electronic pages on which the content is formatted and edited prior to printing.


    Why Opt for DTP Labs?


    The DTP Labs have access to the most recent versions of software as well as legacy ones, and they support all languages, including Middle Eastern (right-to-left), Asian, Indic, Cyrillic, etc. The best firm for elearning translation and localization services such as DTP Labs use the most up-to-date gear and software, allowing us the ability to operate on several platforms with ease.

    DTP Labs recognizes that time is of the utmost importance to you, and they are committed to working with you within strict deadlines, scheduling their services based on your time zone. The best firm for elearning translation and localization services, such as ours, adheres to strict deadlines at cost-effective rates with a “no deposit policy.”