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Image Localization, Editing & Retouching

We provide services such as:


  • Screen capture
  • Photo retouching
  • Photo editing
  • Bitmapping
  • Vector art editing
  • Image manipulation/optimization
  • Image localization and vectorization


In addition to digital image retouching services, our expert team is also engaged in vectorizing hand-drawn clipping paths, colour correction and management, Photoshop masking, ghost mannequin, restoration, raster to vector conversion etc.

A clear and attractive image is the outcome of better editing and retouching efforts, and makes the product stand out in the market. Let’s have a look at our services in detail:


  • Image Enhancement: In this process, our professionals remove dust like creases, scratches and stains. After this, they colour correct/restore the old photos and if required, convert B&W to duotone/triton images


  • Raster to vector: We are skilled in converting your files into vectors drawings for banners, logo, signage, screen printing-shirts, architectural lettering, cut vinyl, etc.


  • Background removal: Our professional team removes and replaces the background, invisible man or mannequin effect. This service is intended mostly for fashion and accessories as well as for home-décor brands


  • Clipping Path Services: We create high-end solutions for professional photographers and online stores by applying single, multiple, complex/advanced clipping path services


  • Photo Editing & Retouching: We can help you in getting high-end images for various beauty and fashion magazines, wedding albums, print media, E-Commerce sites, real estate sites, etc. with our photo editing and retouching solutions


  • Image Masking Effect:We can eliminate any object from the rest of the picture as well remove the background of photographs with blurred edges or hair portions


  • Image manipulation: Our image manipulation services can transform your digital images to make ordinary shots look brilliant. From adjusting saturation, color balance, contrast, brightness and density of images to applying filters, removing or inserting backgrounds, cropping and removing blemishes, noise, and grains in images, we offer professional services in quick turnarounds and competitive rates


  • Image localization: This service is intended for translation companies. We can replace the source language text with the target language text.

Why choose DTP LABS as your partner for Image Editing and retouching services?

  • Our professional photo editing services strive to provide the best quality outputs within tight deadlines.
  • Our dedicated team consists of professionals who work with the latest and advanced technological tools to provide world-class image editing services.
  • We adhere to full privacy and security norms. Your data is safely warehoused and backed up in our cloud.
  • Our proficient team can be a support pillar for our clients whenever required.