Business around the world need to give communications in the native language of their global customers, business partners, and employees. Layout is generally the last phase of a typical translation project, and what gives it a final appearance. No matter how good the quality of the translation may be, even a small layout error can dramatically impact how users perceive the product or brand.

‘DTP Labs’, with production centers in Eastern Europe and Asia, provides multilingual desktop publishing services in all World languages. We work with Western languages (like French, Dutch, German, Portuguese), languages that use non-western scripts (like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai), languages that use bi-directional scripts (like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Farsi) and Indic languages (like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil etc).

Our Core Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services include the following

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing services and graphics localization (including AODA compliance)
  • Format conversion (PDF to Word/PDF to InDesign/Quark to InDesign)
  • Localization of e-learning content
  • File preparation/ Engineering
  • Book layout/typesetting/formatting (including co-edition layout)
  • OCR/Scanning/Data Entry/Keying-in/Proofreading (all languages)
  • Image Manipulation/Photo Editing/Vectorization

We work with a number of translation agencies worldwide, including most of the top 20 (,, ). References can be provided on request.

We provide best multilingual desktop publishing in almost all software, including InDesign, Framemaker, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Pagemaker, AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Office, Quicksilver/Interleaf, Articulate Storyline 2 & 3, Articulate 360, Presenter, Adobe Captivate, MadCap Flare, Macromedia Flash etc. In addition, we also have expertise in PDF to Word conversions.

Reasons are many to make us your preferred choice

  • We have both legacy versions, as well as the most current versions of almost all software
  • We offer a complete suite of languages we work with, including exotic languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Farsi, and Indic languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi etc.
  • We cover the full European timezone, and provide for a time overlap for US-based clients (weekends included). This results in unmatched speed-to-market in compliance with your time zone
  • Non-disclosure (NDA) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) are signed and confidentiality is assured in all projects
  • All our resources are in-house, and we do not sub-contract work to third-party vendors
  • We assign a single point-of-contact account manager to all our clients

Our staff members are certified professionals with more than 15 years of experience & technical know-how. We are known for successfully accomplishing even the most-demanding projects for our prestigious clients, well in time and within budget, while meeting international quality standards.

Our services

  • Multilingual desktop publishing and graphics localization: Our multilingual desktop publishing team can localize documents in any language, be they Central European, Eastern European, Cyrillic, CCJK, or right-to-left languages such as Arabic/Hebrew/Farsi. Working with great attention to detail, we understand the impact of translation on graphical layout of documents and use the very latest layout and graphics applications in the market. Output is generated in multiple formats, as per your specifications.
  • Format Conversion: Text extraction from scanned/editable PDFs, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator etc for translation purposes, creating 100% CAT-tool compliant outputs. We can also OCR/scan from printed copies. This service is provided for all languages.
  • File preparation/engineering: The preparation of files prior to translation is important to save the time in post-translation DTP. A correct analysis/preparation of the files, keeping in view the tools to be used for translation and the subsequent layout, can avoid many problems and consequently save time and unnecessary costs
  • Book layout/Typesetting/Formatting (including co-edition layout): Typesetting is the process of setting text onto a page, arranging the book’s interior to create the best reading experience. This includes determining the size of the margins, styling the chapter starts, and picking the right font typeface and size for the content. At its core, typesetting is all about visual communication. We can design the pages from scratch, or flow the text into your existing template.
  • Image manipulation/Photo Editing/Vectorization: Image manipulation/ photo editing / retouching involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Image tracing, raster-to-vector conversion or vectorization is the conversion of raster graphics into vector graphics. We provide these services for digital photographs, traditional photo-chemical photographs, or illustrations.
  • Localization of E-learning content: We offer a comprehensive range of services for e-learning localization that includes the integration of voice and subtitles, and localization of assets like images, flash animations, quizzes etc

DTP Labs offers best multilingual desktop publishing services in all World languages. We not only work with Western languages such as French, Dutch, German, and Portuguese but also with non-Western languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai. We also work with bi-directional scripts like Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, and Indic languages such as Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, and Gujarati.

    Typesetting is the process of arranging type in a printed page or on a computer screen. Typesetting can be done by hand with a typewriter, or it can be done digitally with software.Typesetting includes adjusting letter and word spacing, line length and line spacing, indenting of paragraphs, margin widths and vertical alignment.A typesetter may also be called an “typographer” or “typesetter” if they work in traditional printing.  DTP labs offer best typesetting services worldwide  in all World languages. ..

How do I send a project?

You can send the project via FTP, wetransfer (or equivalent) or email. We shall then get back to you with a quote and a deadline for delivery.

What can I do to make the DTP process as quick and easy as possible?

It’s recommended to send us the source files prior to translation, so that we can ‘prepare’ them for translation and post-translation DTP time is saved.

How long does it take to have my project completed?

Depending upon the size of the project, it can be turned around from within a few hours to a few days.

Does typography vary from language to language?

Yes, it does. We have experience of more than 20 years in this field.

Which software applications and formats do you use?

We have current as well as legacy versions of almost all DTP tools, including Adobe InDesign, Framemaker, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quicksilver/Interleaf, MS Office, Storyline, Lectora, Captivate etc.

How do I avail the services of DTP Labs?

You can get in touch with us by filling out our contact us form to avail our multilingual desktop publishing services. You can also reach us through email, Skype or Whatsapp. You will get a prompt reply from our team.

How can I benefit by outsourcing Desktop Publishing Services?

Whatever documents your enterprise may publish will bear a reflection on your
enterprise’s brand. And thus, you should not compromise on the aesthetic quality of anything you publish. Desktop Publishing Services will help you ensure that. Additionally, it can also help you ensure consistency of visual design and topography across various languages.

Which types of software are used in desktop publishing?

DTP uses state-of-art page layout software products for our desktop publishing services. Some of the software products used include InDesign, Framemaker, Articulate 360, Storyline, Rise, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Captivate, PageMaker, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office (Word/Powerrpoint/Excel/Visio/Publisher), Interleaf/Quicksilver, etc.
Both legacy and the current versions of the software are supported by our online DTP services.

What is the DTP process?

DTP process for online desktop publishing starts with us accepting the translated contents meant for typesetting. We deliver first proofs, which are checked by the client. Any changes which are required are made and updated proofs are delivered to the client (including any typographical changes that may be needed). Once finalized, the print-ready deliverables are provided to the client. The process may vary according to the requirements of the users.

Get The Best Desktop Publishing Services with DTP Labs

Thanks to globalization, the world is now a mere global village with distances rendered insignificant, many obstacles must be dealt with – cultural and linguistic differences, for example. No longer can your business limit itself to users of one or few languages and must avail their digital products and services in as many languages as possible. Multilingual desktop publishing services help businesses provide their user interface in multiple languages to ensure the best experience for customers.

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