Preparation is half the battle won.

Language industry professionals know how critical file preparation for translation purposes is. No matter the source format, preparing documents into a format understandable by translation tools is crucial before sending them to translation. File Preparation will identify and fix any issues that could be carried over into the target files. File preparation optimizes files for CAT Tool Segmentation, enhancing translation output and saving post-translation layout efforts.

Correct file preparation of the source will result in

  • Improved Analysis.
  • Effective handling of text contained in images (neither ignoring text that requires translation, nor avoiding redundant translation when the text must remain in its native language).
  • Excellent assistance for the translators in correctly segmenting the data, enhancing the output quality.
  • More reliable final layout in the target languages, as well as savings in DTP time needed after translation.

We can prepare PDFs, InDesign, Word, Powerpoint, Framemaker, Quicksilver/Interleaf, Storyline, Rise etc. files for translation.

File Preparation and Formatting

Translation can change the shape and layout of your documents. We’ll support you in getting ready for this ahead of time and organizing your files before sending them for translation.

Even if you’re translating from English into a language that shares the same alphabet and vocabulary, you can expect text expansion/reduction to impact the size and layout of your translated document. This effect will be amplified if your new language has a different character set or text direction. Our experts can prepare and structure your documents for translation (suitable for CAT-tools). After the translation is completed, we shall adjust the translated text to make sure that all text is visible and looks aesthetically appealing.

An editable source file (like a Word document) is always the best starting place for translation. However, we are aware that you might not have an editable source as the original source file is missing or not available. You may have access only to a PDF, a scan or even a picture. Whatever format you have, our team can work with it. We can even recreate editable source documents in your chosen format, so those lost files won’t come back to haunt you in the future.


Deploying internal staff members or contracting out the work to an offshore business are the two ways to obtain documents transformed into an editable format. As hiring an in-house team requires a significant amount of investment and the need of PDF conversions fluctuates, the best way is to outsource PDF conversion tasks. This is the rationale behind businesses’ preference to use offshore firms to convert PDFs to Word. We use a combination of automated tools as well as manual efforts to extract text from various DTP applications into files that can be easily translated in Microsoft Word, Trados tools or any other CAT tools. This phase of preparation may also include different types of work over the source documentation, such as content fix and tune-up, to ease and speed up the post-translation process.

  • Our conversion service from PDF to Word format is 100% CAT-tool compliant (translation-ready). To make sure that there are no extra hyphens, characters, page breaks, section breaks, tabs, etc., we perform another round of cleanup, and all the text has been extracted appears in the correct reading order
  • Our exported Word documents match the source fully. Images are preserved and aligned correctly, text formatting is retained, and font styles and weights are accurately reproduced
  • Depending on your needs, we can convert all the pages in the PDF file or simply a portion of it

By outsourcing their PDF conversion needs to us, small and medium-sized businesses in the translation and localization, retail & e-commerce, real estate, education, healthcare, BFSI, travel and hospitality, management & consulting, logistics & transportation, publishing, and research sectors have successfully cut costs.

Why choose DTP labs as your outsourcing partner?

  • Excellent assistance for the translators in correctly segmenting the data, enhancing the output quality
  • We cater to both editable as well as scanned PDFs that are non-editable
  • Large team capable of managing overnight deliveries and able to ramp up for big volume projects
  • Most languages, including Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, are supported by us
  • Competitively priced, overnight assistance, prompt delivery, and top-notch service
  • 100% data security and confidentiality

Here is a list of benefits that you can reap from PDF conversion outsourcing:

  • By outsourcing us to handle your PDF conversion work, you can save your operational costs and free up more time for your main business operations.
  • Preserves your internal team from having to deal with the time-consuming, tedious, and arduous PDF conversion process.
  • By virtue of delegating out your PDF conversion work, you may get access to a pool of professionals as well as the newest tools and technologies.
  • Try before you buy – we offer a free trial of our PDF File to Word Conversion Services
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Save Both Time and Money

DTP Labs has you covered whether you’re seeking for services for converting PDF files to Word or any other format (such as JPG/TIF to Word, PDF to InDesign, or enabling live text in photos and PowerPoint presentations). We offer accurate PDF to Word conversion services, and the result is a file format that can be edited and has the same page layout as the original PDF. We convert your resumes, journals, stories, recipes, handwritten text, scripts, test reports, legal documents, technical documents, medical reports, reports, books, brochures and marketing material etc. into an editable format.

Just consider what it would be like to convert hundreds or thousands of PDFs in-house – the number of resources it would require in terms of money, human resources, and, often, a difficult learning curve for employees. That is why most enterprises choose to outsource PDF to Word conversion services. And DTP Labs is the best service provider in this regard. Our process is highly streamlined and provides effective solutions at a much lower cost and much more quickly. Our prices are the best among comparative services.

Preservation of Original Formatting and Typesetting
Format matters when it comes to PDFs. No matter, what the size of the screen may be, a PDF file maintains its original format. That means the enterprises can use the fixed format for marketing purposes. However, if you try to translate or localize the file before or after you convert PDF to editable Word/doc/docx, it is very likely to lose the correct typesetting. Luckily, you need not worry about formatting when you take our services. We are the leading document formatting service provider, and when you take our PDF conversion services, we will also provide post-translation DTP (formatting and typesetting) services so that the edited or translated document will retain its original format and aesthetic look.

Easily Editable Format
The biggest reason why PDFs are converted to only Word files instead of other formats is that these files can be edited in a large number of office suites – including Microsoft Suite, Google Docs, etc. Since these office suites are already used by most enterprises, the editing will be easy to accomplish.

CAT-Compliant Format
There are automated machine-based translation software available in the market, both paid and free. Otherwise, you may choose to take the services of some translation outsourcing company that provides manual or computer-assisted translations. Either way, the file format we provide after we convert PDF to editable Word, can be translated in whatever way you may prefer.

Excellent Results
The biggest reason for going for DTP Labs’ services to outsource PDF to Word conversion services is that the resultant product will be of unparallel quality as we are the best document formatting service provider. We help preserve the original format of the document, and thus even after significant changes that you might go for – such as translation and localization, the document retains its original typesetting. Not only that, but we also do multiple checks to ensure that there are no errors resulting from the process.

Support For All Languages
Global enterprises might have PDFs in scores of languages. Often the formatting challenges presented by a PDF after conversion is unique to the language. DTP Labs assists with all languages for source re-creation/file preparation.

Partial Conversion
If you only want to convert PDF to Word document, a single page and not the entire file, we will provide that. Both complete and partial conversions of PDF files are provided.

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