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Education has seen a dramatic revolution with an avalanche of eLearning solutions, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. eLearning solutions have opened new avenues of possibilities in the sector – creating a wider reach than ever before. However, much like traditional written or printed content, the eLearning content to needs a touch of DTP services to be effective. Thus, elearning enterprises need eLearning DTP services.

Online DTP Services in eLearning by DTP Labs

DTP Labs provides the best elearning DTP services for the purpose. Our services include providing formatting and typesetting changes like fonts, font sizes, margins, line length, line spacing alignment, etc., to create documents of aesthetically superior quality.

These services are availed in all languages spoken by humanity. Thus, we can be your one-stop solution for all DTP needs.The documents that have benefited from our online DTP services in eLearning shall be credited to your brand.

DTP Labs’ eLearning Localization Services

One of the biggest perks of eLearning technologies over traditional educational options is that distance is no barrier. As long as the students have a digital device and internet connection, they can access your website. That said, language and culture are still barriers that eLearning content must still transcend before it is considered universally available. Mere translations are no solution to these barriers. Instead, a more holistic approach is required – localization which covers written text as well as multimedia content such as Image Localization, video localization, etc.

We take this 360-degree eLearning DTP services approach toward serving our customers. Further, this service is available in all the languages spoken on the planet.

PDF to word conversion

DTP Labs – The Best Option for PDF File Conversion Outsourcing

PDF or Portable Document Format is the most popular format when it comes to eLearning solutions. As its name suggests, it was created while keeping portability in mind and can be opened on most browsers. However, eLearning enterprises frequently need to edit these documents, and that is incredibly harder when with PDF files.

PDF file conversion outsourcing to DTP Labs is the best solution for this purpose. We provide CAT (Computer Aided Translation) files that can be used for purposes of localization.

You can also request PDF file conversion outsourcing for only a smaller part of a larger document or book. Our conversions shall be accurate (manual corrections are done wherever necessary) and retain the typesetting of the original document.

Image Localization and Other Services

This is an important part of our online DTP services in elearning, as images are a valuable way of learning. The adage about a picture being worth thousands of words is particularly relevant to education. Thus, Image localization is an important part of our localization services.

Apart from localization, we also provide desirable retouching and editing services for images. All these services are provided by certified professionals using state-of-art technologies.

Whether you need image localization or any of the services mentioned above, DTP Labs shall be delighted to serve you. Contact us to know more!