Important Tips for Designing E-learning Material for Better Localization

Tips for Designing E-learning Material for Better Localization

E-Learning is now being used globally in various industries for training and learning purposes. E-learning allows businesses and educational institutes to provide engaging and interactive learning sessions for productive and efficient learning. E-learning also helps businesses to offer the same level of training in offices located in other countries. However, for this, you may need professional e-learning localization and e-learning translation services.

What Is e-learning translation? 

E-learning translations are the process of translating your existing e-learning content into other languages according to your business needs.

What Is e-learning localization?

While e-learning translation just translates the document, e-learning localization focuses on localizing the document by giving a local tone to the content. E-learning localization involves adding local words, phrases, and terms to connect more deeply with the locals of a place. Localization is extremely important for the effective expansion and distribution of e-learning content to different parts of the world.

Here Are A Few Important Tips for Designing e-Learning material for Better Localization:

1) Avoid Unnecessary Texts

For better localization, it is important to keep your e-learning content short and simple. The longer the text the difficult it will be to localize the content.

2) Always Have Some Extra Space

While designing e-learning modules you must consider the space requirement of different languages. Some languages may take more space, and therefore, it is better to have some extra space in your design. If not, the text may not fit perfectly when translated into another language. You can also have a flexible design that can be shortened and elongated as per requirements.

3) Stay Away from Sensitive Things

When localizing the content, you must understand that every location has its own cultural sensitivity. Some words that are normal in one town may sound arrogant in another town. Therefore, it is extremely important to remove or replace such phrases and words before publishing the final document.

4) Plan and Execute

It is important to have a complete plan well-before you begin localization. You need to map-out your target location, target audience, the volume of e-learning content, and other important parameters so that you are well prepared with all the information before starting the localization process.

5) Better To Hire Professionals 

As you can see there are a lot of factors to address if you want to have professional-quality localization. The best choice is to hire professional e learning localization and E-learning translation services for top-quality localization. E-learning localization experts understand the various important factors, and therefore they can provide top-quality localization for e learning content. So, if there is a huge volume of documents to be translated and localized the best option is to go for professional service providers.


So, these are the most important tips for designing e-learning material for better localization. Localization is a very important factor that allows your business to scale boundaries that were previously thought to be impossible.

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