Benefits of e-learning and how it improves the overall efficiency of an organization

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E-learning is everywhere and its usage is growing continuously over the last few years. Those who are closely associated with the industry know its importance for both businesses and individuals. Additionally, the general public, too, is beginning to learn about the importance of e-learning due to its growing prominence.

According to a survey by ILX Group, 51% of HR leaders felt that e-learning directly affects the morale, longevity, and satisfaction of employees. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning becomes 17% more effective when it is done through a microlearning process. A survey by has revealed that 72% of companies found their competitive edge increasing through e-learning. These statistics clearly showcase the importance of e-learning in today’s time. Let us have a look at the benefits of e-learning in detail.

Benefits of e-learning for learners

E-learning offers several advantages to both learners and organizations. Let us have a look at the top five advantages for learners.

Saves crucial resources like time and money

E-learning provides learners the flexibility of accessing the educational material anytime and anywhere. People need not take time out from their important work to attend classes. Besides saving time, e-learning also helps organizations avoid costs related to logistics like transportation and accommodation of both instructors and learners. Organizations also indirectly contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint by not printing any papers.

Provides the flexibility to capture audience attention

The attention span of people has been decreasing of late, which means that not everyone can concentrate for longer durations and assimilate the information without getting distracted. This problem can be overcome through e-learning as learners get bite-sized interactive content. Rather than going through text-heavy manuals or guides, learners have the flexibility of opting for interactive e-learning content.

Offers scalable solutions

There is a great scope of scalability as organizations can start company-wide learning programs, covering as many employees as possible. Such large-scale learning programs help companies reduce overall costs through a single investment.

Makes learning a consistent process

An in-person learning program can see a lot of variation as each instructor will have their own way of teaching. Since the approach varies, there is a great scope of mistakes. Through e-learning, organizations can have a consistent training program that is a standard learning process for everyone. Irrespective of the time learners take the course, they will have a consistent learning experience.

Provides scope for personalization

E-learning offers excellent scope of personalization by allowing learners to set their goals and preferences. Learners can simply choose what they want to learn and how soon they wish to accomplish their learning goals. It augurs well for learners as they can study at their own pace, which means they can understand subjects well and also finish them dedicatedly.

Benefits of e-learning for organizations

E-learning solutions, through their interactive learning programs, are getting widely accepted by organizations around the world. Due to the advantages listed above, many organizations have made a switch from the traditional learning methods that aren’t as effective. With an additional scope for customization, organizations can make their employees get the best learning and knowledge a`bout their business. Let us have a look at the benefits that organizations enjoy through e-learning solutions.

Quicker learning process

Onboarding is one of the most important processes for any organization, and it needs to be done effectively. Through an interactive e-learning program, new employees can get to understand the organizational structure and information about clients and different departments. Besides a better scope for learning, organizations can also save expenses towards conducting such programs in-person.

Standardized training

Traditional methods, like workshops or seminars, are prone to deliver inconsistent learning experiences. This is because trainers differ, and so does their teaching methodology. Through e-learning, organizations can rest assured that all their employees across regions will get a consistent learning experience. Also, employees can undertake the programs at their convenience and time duration for a better learning experience.

Insights on employees

Through e-learning programs, managers can easily track the progress of their team members. The progress of learners over a time period can reveal their interest and understanding of the subject. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative assessments, managers can get relevant insights on the overall experience of their team members.

Better productivity

Since e-learning programs offer the flexibility of learning anytime from anywhere, learners can undertake such programs during their non-productive hours. Learners can skip training workshops and seminars that usually end up eating a lot of productive time. Organizations can improve their output by effectively utilizing the productive time of their employees.

Improved ROI

Through better learning programs, employees can enrich their knowledge and perform at the levels expected by the management. This directly leads to an improved ROI for organizations. Employee productivity gets increased, which directly results in better output.

How e-learning is helping organizations during Covid-19 pandemic

During these uncertain times, businesses have taken a hit as economies around the world have been toppled in the wake of forced lockdowns. With social distancing measures expected to remain in force for quite some time, businesses are making effective use of the Internet to operate their businesses and overcome barriers. IBM has already decided to hold its Think 2020 and PartnerWorld conferences remotely this year. Even Google is not far behind as it has decided to hold its Cloud Next event online.

Final thoughts

The benefits of e-learning are plenty, and with the changing times, including in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, its importance will only grow in the coming months and years. Businesses around the world cannot have a better time to make e-learning a large part of their training and development programs. If you are looking for a partner that can help you get started, get in touch with us today.

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