3 Common Challenges That Desktop Publishing Face

3 Common Challenges That Desktop Publishing Face

Desktop publishing, commonly known as DTP, is the process through which experts design the layout of a document to be published digitally or in print. Sometimes it\’s a breeze, but when dealing with translated or multilingual materials, there are certain important details to remember. Here is where the desktop publishing services come in.

DTP service is commonly used for newspapers, periodicals, brochures, pamphlets, and menus. However, as the Internet has grown, so too has the scope of DTP\’s application. White papers, newsletters, web content, web pages, and other forms of online material are all made easier to communicate with the use of DTP.

True translation can only be achieved with the help of seasoned translators. Unfortunately, there are factors outside the language itself that might affect the quality of the final product. Desktop publishing is prone to several errors that might compromise the design of the final result. Common challenges in DTP include font conflicts, word length, languageā€™s nature, and the use of incorrect visuals.

Complications with Desktop Publishing

Note The Text Length:

It\’s common for translators to encounter discrepancies in word count between the original document\’s text and the translated version. Expanding a text to make it longer is known as text expansion.

Even in the simplest of document layouts, this can cause problems. When you add more text to a page or screen, it might make particular parts of the text appear cluttered or unreadable. You may have noticed that recently, boxes, buttons, and menus have become inadequate in size. Design features obscure or obstruct the readability of text.

Because of this, multilingual DTP Services take great care to ensure the final layout is appropriate for the volume of content.

Inconsistent Fonts:

Even the most seasoned desktop publisher can run into trouble with incompatible fonts. If your material is translated into a language with tones, like Vietnamese, or into a language with a different writing system, like Japanese, Chinese, or Thai, you may find that the typeface you used in English no longer works without significant modification. It\’s possible that not all languages will display properly in the typeface you\’re using. Consequently, it is essential to switch the font used in the final documents from the source language to the target language.

Expert desktop publishers may help their clients get beyond this first hurdle by providing a selection of typefaces that are either visually comparable to the original or are otherwise appropriate for the material at hand. Choose a font for your business from the available list or compile your own and hand it to your translators.

Language and Its Origins:

The nature of the target language may need a complete restructuring of the original document. Consider the fact that most languages are written from left to right. Languages like Arabic, on the other hand, are read and written the other way round i.e., from right to left. The entire source document\’s format is, therefore, inappropriate for the target language.

Because of this seismic shift, desktop publishers now have more work to do. Additional work is needed to fine-tune and finalise the design. The key to a flawless final product in this situation is providing your desktop publishers with ample time to do their work.

Closing Remarks

There is no denying the significance of document formatting services for any product that includes a significant amount of visual information, such as graphics and visual elements.

If you\’re ever troubled by any of the aforementioned issues, DTP Labs is a viable solution. Each of the many services the companies provide is backed by a specialised group of experts. They are able to use all languages, including those written from right to left, such as those spoken in the Middle East, Asia, India, and the Cyrillic alphabet, as well as the most up-to-date and archival versions of the software. By using cutting-edge hardware and software, DTP Labs is able to efficiently adapt to a wide range of environments.

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