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PDF To Word

Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is a commonly-used file format in a digitally growing world. However, as PDF format is not editable, there is a need to convert Pdf to Word document or any other editable format. Needless to say, PDF to Text conversion is a tedious task and the process requires a lot of time and resources. There are two options to get documents converted into an editable format: the first is to hire in-house employees and the second is to outsource it to an offshore company. As hiring an in-house team requires a significant amount of investment and the need of PDF conversions fluctuates, the best way is to outsource PDF conversion tasks. This is the reason why companies prefer to outsource PDF to Word conversions to offshore companies.

At DTP Labs, we have a team of professional document conversion specialists, who convert PDFs (both scanned and editable) to Microsoft Word efficiently and cost-effectively, with excellent quality and accuracy.

Organizations, small and medium, across translation and localization, retail & e-commerce, real estate, education, healthcare, BFSI, travel and hospitality, management & consulting, logistics & transportation, publishing and research industries have successfully reduced their costs by outsourcing their PDF conversion needs to us.

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Why Choose DTP Labs as your Outsourcing Partner?

  • Ability to handle any complex task with the use of automated tools & manual data entry/typing/keying-in
  • We work with both scanned (non-editable/dead) and editable PDFs
  • Huge team-size ready to handle high volume projects with overnight deliveries
  • We work with all languages, including Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi etc.
  • Affordable price, overnight support, quick turnaround, world-class support
  • 100% data security and confidentiality
  • Our conversion service from PDF to Word format is 100% CAT-tool compliant (translation-ready). We run another round of clean-up to ensure that unnecessary hyphens, characters, section breaks, page breaks, tabs etc. have been removed, and all the text has been extracted and appears in the correct reading order
  • Our exported Word documents match the source fully. Images are preserved and aligned correctly, text formatting is retained, and font styles and weights are accurately reproduced
  • We can either convert all the pages or just a part of the PDF file as per your requirement

Here is a list of benefits that you can reap from PDF conversion outsourcing:

  • You can reduce operating cost by outsourcing PDF conversion tasks to us, thereby having more time to focus on your core business activities
  • Saves your in-house team from the cumbersome, laborious, and time-consuming process of PDF conversion
  • Outsourcing PDF conversion tasks allow you to access a pool of PDF conversion experts and latest software & tools
  • Try before you buy – we offer a free trial of our Pdf File To Word Conversion Services
  • Payment is made after satisfactory delivery of service
  • Avail quick turnaround time

Whether you are looking for Pdf File To Word Conversion Services, or any other format conversion (like TIF to Word, PDF to InDesign, making text live in PowerPoint, making the text in images live etc), DTP Labs has everything covered for you. We are Pdf File To Word Conversion Services provider with high precision and provide the output in an editable file format, matching page layout to the source PDF. We convert your resumes, journals, stories, recipes, handwritten text, scripts, test reports, legal documents, technical documents, medical reports, reports, books, brochures and marketing material etc. into an editable format. We also provide the best desktop publshing services.


At DTP Labs, we provide premium Pdf File To Word Conversion Servicesat the best price, to help large, mid-sized, and small organisations successfully convert their PDF files to Word documents. Holding a extensive experience working with several firms and the technical know-how, our professionals will use cutting-edge tools to convert your documents from PDF to Word while maintaining the accuracy and privacy of your business-related data.

Our experts have successfully converted several types of PDF files for our clients, including company reports, scanned invoiced, White Papers, bills, brochures, directories, and journals, to make them more edible and accessible to your employees. 

Our pdf to word conversion services would include – 

  • Converting PDF to Word for several office suites, such as OpenOffice, Microsoft, LibreOffice, Kingsoft Office, etc. 
  • Preserving the layouts and fonts of the original file. 
  • Editing and merging the files. 
  • Manually filling in additional details, if necessary. 
  • Enriching and cleansing the documents to make them error-free.

You can get our free trial run to focus on your core business today!


What kind of clients and industries have you worked for?

All, starting from technical to life sciences.

How experienced are you?

Our company was incorporated in 1994, so we have been around for quite a while!

Where do you have your client base?

All over the World, including the US, Europe and the far east.

What type of data services you provide?

All Kinds.

How can I send my files to you?

You can send by email, wetransfer or FTP.

Will I receive the hard copy files back?

If you want, yes.

What is your turnaround time?

From one hour to one day, more for larger projects.

How do I receive a finished project?

Email, wetransfer or DTP.

Do you perform automated data capture?

Yes, we do.

What is the quality assurance process you follow?

We follow international standards.

Can I be assured about the safety of my data?

Your data is 100% safe with us. We abide by GDPR guidelines.

What’s your pricing model?

We offer competitive prices. You can send us a PDF for a quote.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes we do.

Do you enter into a service agreement?

Yes we do.

How do you receive payments?

To our worldwide bank accounts (using payoneer), in your currency.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Via email, Skype and if need be, telephonically.

I have a PDF. Why do I need the original source files, and why is it more expensive if I don't have them?

PDFs are a great format, but they are not editable as such, and PDF to Word/doc conversion services are required to convert them into editable format if you don’t have the source files. This additional step increases the cost of services. You can choose to outsource PDF to Word conversion services to us.

How to calculate the charges for your services?

The best method to know the charges is to send us the PDFs to be converted, and we shall send a quote. As the leading document formatting service provider, we offer our services for the best price in the market.

Do You Use Online Tools and Software for DTP?

All DTP work is done by our DTP experts (humans), and no online tools are used. That helps in ensuring the privacy and security of your files as well as the highest quality results will be generated each time.

What is the Need To Convert PDF to Editable Word Formats?

One of the most popular formats of documents is PDF. An acronym for Portable Document Format, this format has attained popularity because it can be easily opened on any device regardless of the operating system, software, or hardware limitations. They can be opened within browsers as well. However, they are not editable – and there is a need to convert the file into other formats for the purpose. In most cases, the enterprise can only do so if they outsource PDF to Word conversion services to outsourcing companies of repute.

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Normally pdf files are created in the corporate world due to three chief reasons:

  • They are easy to create (Adobe Created, Microsoft Word, Databases, Google Docs, images can be used to create them, or they can be created from hard copies through scanning)
  • They can be accessed on virtually any devices (almost all web browsers support it) and
  • They are difficult to edit. 


However, this third characteristic – the difficulty of translating them can be a double-edged sword since sometimes enterprises do need to edit the PDF file. An enterprise might be interested in editing to create new versions or maybe to translate or localize its content according to a different locale.


Logically, the easiest way to do so would be to go back to the original document and make changes in its editable version. However, it is not always possible to locate original documents. Moreover, sometimes files are created by scanning hard copies, and such PDFs are not easy to translate. For some changes, there are some tools available online, but such tools have several limitations, such as an inability to access a password-protected file, an inability to maintain the right format and typesetting, having extra tags, sections break,etc. Additionally, translation is often not enough by itself, and there might be a need to make more significant changes for localization.


Thus, PDF document conversion services are required for the effective elearning content translation of the document.


DTP Labs – for cost-effective PDF To Word Conversions


DTP Labs provide state-of-art PDF document conversion services. Generally, these services are availed when our clients need word files for translation or editing purposes. The process involves the following process:

  • The translation company sends us a PDF file to be converted.
  • We use our expertise to turn it into an editable format. This format is known as a translation-ready or CAT-tool compliant file (the file is CAT-tool (Computer Assisted Translation) compliant – that is, it can be accessed through CAT tools).
  • We make a quality check to ensure that this file retains all the fonts, font styles, format, etc., of the original document.
  • The file is returned to the client for translation or any edits/changes.
  • The client makes translations, changes, etc., as they deem fit. Please note that the changes, especially translation, tend to upset the format and typesetting of the text.
  • They send the file back to us.
  • We will work on the formatting and typesetting of the file to ensure that it stays consistent. As a leading document formatting service provider, we excel at providing effective restoration of format.
  • We convert the file into a PDF. The new format is ready for printing. It will carry the same typesetting as the original, will be error-free, and will have benefited from our experience
  • We will send the file back to our clients in PDF format.
  • The client only pays when they are satisfied.


DTP Labs is already the go-to service for preparing translation-readyfiles and when PDF document conversion servicesare needed. 


Reasons to Choose DTP LabsPDF Document Conversion Services

DTP Labs is the leading service for an enterprise looking to outsource PDF to Word/DOC conversion services. There are several advantages to choosing our dtp services. These include the following:

  • Save Both Time And Money

Just consider what it would be like to convert hundreds or thousands of PDFs in-house – the number of resources it would require in terms of money, human resources, and, often, a difficult learning curve for employees. That is why most enterprises choose to outsource PDF to Word conversion services. And DTP Labs is the best service provider in this regard. Our process is highly streamlined and provides effective solutions at a much lower cost and much more quickly. Our prices are the best among comparative services.

  • Preservation Of Original Formatting And Typesetting

Format matters when it comes to PDFs. No matter, what the size of the screen may be, a PDF file maintains its original format. That means the enterprises can use the fixed format for marketing purposes. However, if you try to translate or localize the file before or after you convert PDF to editable Word/doc/docx, it is very likely to lose the correct typesetting. Luckily, you need not worry about formatting when you take our services. 

We are the leading document formatting service provider, and when you take our PDF conversion services, we will also provide post-translation DTP (formatting and typesetting) services so that the edited or translated document will retain its original format and aesthetic look.

  • Easily Editable Format

The biggest reason why PDFs are converted to only Word files instead of other formats is that these files can be edited in a large number of office suites – including Microsoft Suite, Google Docs, etc. Since these office suites are already used by most enterprises, the editing will be easy to accomplish.

  • CAT-Compliant Format

There are automated machine-based translation software available in the market, both paid and free. Otherwise, you may choose to take the services of some translation outsourcing company that provides manual or computer-assisted translations. Either way, the file format we provide after we convert PDF to editable Word, can be translated in whatever way you may prefer.

  • Excellent Results

The biggest reason for going for DTP Labs’ services to outsource PDF to Word conversion services is that the resultant product will be of unparallel quality as we are the best document formatting service provider. We help preserve the original format of the document, and thus even after significant changes that you might go for – such as translation and localization, the document retains its original typesetting. Not only that, but we also do multiple checks to ensure that there are no errors resulting from the process. 

  • Support For All Languages

Global enterprises might have PDFs in scores of languages. Often the formatting challenges presented by a PDF after conversion is unique to the language. DTP Labs assists with all languages for source re-creation/file preparation.

  • Partial Conversion

If you only want to convert PDF to Word document, a single page and not the entire file, we will provide that. Both complete and partial conversions of PDF files are provided.


DTP Labs –your partner for Perfect PDF Conversions

DTP Labs is the best service to convert PDF to editable Word and can be the perfect solution for your enterprise’s conversion needs. Clients across scores of enterprises use our services to convert PDF to Word document. You can also go for afree trial of our ‘convert pdf to word document’ services to try us out. 

You will find that as we are the best document formatting service provider, our services will give your great value. If you are looking for PDF conversion services, do contact us now.