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A significant percentage of the world’s population is differently-abled, and many of them are visually impaired. One of the biggest moral responsibilities of businesses is to do things that are more inclusive of them. That is particularly so for a company’s digital assets such as websites, files, documents etc, as now there are legal requirements for the same such as Section 508. Thus, all enterprises need PDF accessibility services in USA.

The Need for A PDF Document Remediation Service Provider In USA

PDF, or Portable Digital Format, is the most common file type in which companies prefer to save their digital files in. However, some additional work must be done in the raw files to make these compatible under Section 508 PDF remediation in USA. Section 508, as referred to here, is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It requires that PDF files should be made accessible to physically (including visually) impaired people. There is also WCAG 2.0 or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, which details what all should be done to increase content accessibility online.

Our Services

Section 508 PDF remediation in USA tries to ensure that the technology stays accessible to these people.The PDF accessibility services in USA can help you meet these requirements by adding tags, alt-text, and inserting tooltips, etc. Although it is possible to do this in-house, it is more cost-effective, especially if your enterprise has a large number of documents, to outsource PDF remediation & accessibility services in USAto offshore vendors who specialize in this field.

Additionally, as these enterprises have domain experts who specialize in such work, they are far less likely to make mistakes. In addition, you may avoid lawsuits by going with PDF accessibility services in USA.

Accessibility And Automation

Many times, people wonder if it is possible to automate the accessibility of the document. The answer, unfortunately, is NO. It has to be done manually – either by you or by some experts. That is because many features, like color control, reading order, etc. require a human touch. The best solution to PDF remediation is always in a combination of technology and human expertise.

DTP Labs – The Best PDF Document Remediation Service Provider in USA

DTP Labs believe in inclusiveness, and thus our service goes beyond the basic PDF remediation as per minimal legal requirements. Instead, we provide a comprehensive package that includes several services to increase the accessibility of the documents, including insertion of tooltips, correction of alt-tags, tagging through Adobe InDesign, etc. We shall also test the document for compliance and run it through the NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)screen reader.

Thus, your documents shall pass the tests of Section 508 PDF remediation in USA, as well as PAC* checks. Our PDF remediation & accessibility services in USA are best priced in the market.

Additionally, our service is generally fast, and we can move even faster in case you have some urgent files.

In short, a partnership with DTP Labs can be your passport to becoming an accessibility-first and more inclusive enterprise when it comes to PDF files. Thus, if you are looking for a PDF document remediation service provider in USA, you should turn to DTP Labs.