Get the Advantage of the Best PDF Accessibility Services in Spain

Ever since digital technologies have come to be used by the masses, efforts have been made to help individuals with disabilities, particularly visual disabilities, to take advantage of such technologies. It is to bring or keep these people in the fold that enterprises need to go for PDF Remediation & Accessibility Services in Spain as, without the right remediation, they might struggle or even be unable to access the documents.

PDF Remediation According to Section 508 and WCAG 2.0

PDF or Portable Document Format is the most popular format for sharing and receiving documents online. It is also widely used by enterprises for sharing information. PDF remediation is making PDF files accessible to people with visual impairments. Section 508 PDFRemediation in Spain is provided according to an aforementioned section of the US Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

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It would help if you also considered going for WCAG 2.0 or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. These guidelines detail what can be done to increase content accessibility online. It is not easy to automate the process of accessibility remediation as things like colour contrast, reading order, etc., will require human expertise. At DTP Labs, we use a combination of human experts and technology to provide accurate and prompt results.

Advantages of PDF accessibility services by DTP Labs

The following are some of the chief advantages of going for PDF Accessibility Services in Spain with us:

  •     Legal Obligations: Section 508 PDF remediation in Spain is required by law in the USA. Similar laws may require remediation in other countries as well. DTP Labs will help you avoid digital lawsuits by ensuring that your documents comply with various laws.
  •     Become an Accessibility-First Website: DTP Labs will help you become an accessibility-first company by providing section 508 PDFRemediation in Spain through techniques like alt tags, tooltips, and tagging using Adobe InDesign. Thus, visually impaired people can access the document you create, whether as an employee or a customer.
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  • Quality and Compliance Tests: As a part of our PDF Remediation & Accessibility Services in Spain, we shall also test your document to ensure its compliance. Additionally, our PDF remediation services in Spain also provide fixations and verifications that might be needed. As a kind of quality check for our PDF remediation services in Spain, we run your documents through NonVisual Desktop Access or NVDA screen reader. Screen readers are one of the most basic accessibility tools.
  •     Holistic: We have a holistic approach to our PDF Accessibility Services in Spain. Some other accessibility checks we provide include colour contrast and reading order, heading structure, and table structure. Colour contrast can be desirable for people who might otherwise struggle to make out colours. Reading order, heading structure, and table structures help readers with visual disabilities navigate the documents better.
  •     Budget-friendly: Our PDF Remediation & Accessibility Services in Spain are available at the best prices in the market.

These advantages simply make us irresistible. Our PDF remediation services in Spain can help build an enterprise and documents that are more inclusive. Contact us for more details!