DTP Labs – Get the Best Desktop Publishing in Medicine and Life Sciences

The medicine and life science industry is growing in leaps and bounds, with new discoveries and inventions being made every day. Medical journals, documents, etc. are constantly being generated at an ever-increasing rate. That has resulted in an increased demand for desktop publishing in medicine and life sciences with the expertise of dealing with such content.

Our Services for Desktop Publishing in Medicine and Life Sciences

DTP Labs is the leading solution provider for desktop publishing in medicine and life sciences. Our service involves adjusting the format and style of the document by changing line spacing, font sizes, alignment, margins, etc. – in short, the general presentation of information in a better, more precise and pristine manner. These changes aren’t merely cosmetic but improve the visual appeal and readability of the document.

These services are availed in all languages that are spoken around the globe; thus, you will never have to worry about DTP services with us at your side. Additionally, that also means that we can help ensure that your document shall retain visual consistency across various translations.

Our Image Localization and Editing Services

Medicinal and life sciences have great use of images of all types. Visual representation of information is of critical importance in their eLearning content as well as in other places. Thus, DTPLabs provides premium image Localization, editing, and retouching services to its clients from the industry.

PDF to word conversion

Our eLearning Localization Services

Image Localization can also be availed as part of eLearning localization services. 

Given the reliance these fields have on eLearning for teaching and training students and employees, it is hardly surprising that eLearning localization services for medicine and life sciences are one of our most demanded services.

Our localization service doesn’t only cover text and images but also extends to other forms as well. Presentations, case studies, videos, audio files, etc.; whatever form your eLearning content may take; we shall provide the localization.

Like with our DTP services, localization service is available across all languages. Further, we shall ensure that there is consistency in typesetting across various languages.

Our PDF Document Conversion Services

With medicine and life science based enterprises, the ready accessibility and portability of information are of critical importance. It is thus hardly surprising that PDF (Portable Document Format) has grown to be so popular among them. Moreover, PDF files can be created both digitally using software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs as well as by scanning documents. The downside is that they are difficult to edit. Taking DTP Labs’ PDF document conversion services is an effective solution to this problem.

The resulting word file will be CAT-compliant (Computer Aided Translation). Further, we will also restore the document to its original typesetting. The document shall be of the highest quality and completely devoid of errors. That is because we use state-of-art technologies for the purpose and make manual corrections wherever needed.

The enterprises in the medicine and life sciences industry shall incredibly benefit from our PDF document conversion services or any other services. Contact us more details!