Empower Your Business with the Best eLearning Localization Services in Spain

eLearning technologies have greatly smoothened the learning process for training and orienting employees. However, as enterprises go global, there is a need for eLearning translation and localization services in Spain. Going with eLearning translation services in Spain by DTP Labs can help you use the eLearning content even with an audience who may not speak the official language of your enterprise.

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Advantages of Going with Our eLearning Localization Services

The following are some of the advantages of going with eLearning translation services in Spain:

  • Multimedia support The eLearning translation services in Spain by DTP Labs are one of the best services for the purpose as we localize both written as well as multimedia content such as pictures, videos, etc.
  • Holistic approach: DTP Labs takes a holistic approach toward eLearning translation and localization services in Spain. Our service extends to content like online training programs like questions, quizzes, MCQs, presentations, case studies, audios, videos, etc. Voice-over localization, audio-track editing, subtitle integration and localization, flash animation localization, image localization, and OST (On-Screen Text) localization are also included in our services.
  • Multilingual support: Most enterprises need localization services for their eLearning content in several languages. DTP Labs can be your single solution for all those languages. Our eLearning localization services in Spain are available for all languages spoken on the planet, including:
  • Western languages such as Italian, French, German, etc.
  • Oriental languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.
  • Languages needing bi-directional scrips like Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.
  • Culturally sensitive services: Sometimes translations result in offensive content that can cause alienation of the intended audience. Our localization service help ensure that no such unintentional offense is caused by your content. We also help create a better understanding of the various challenges presented by the local culture. Our experts will also help you modify your modules so that they are better able to reflect local values. Additionally, we shall also assist you by creating simple toolkits that help you in carrying out the good work of localization yourself in the future in a much better way.
  • Consistency: Often translations can disrupt the typography and aesthetic of the document. As one of the best firms for eLearning translation and localization in Spain, DTP labs ensures that the document shall retain the original harmony and aesthetic across different languages.
  • Prompt Results: DTP Labs has a highly streamlined process that provides accurate and prompt localized content to our clients.
  • Experience: DTP Labs is one of the most experienced and the best firm for eLearning translation and localization in Spain.
  • Cost-effective: DTP Labs also provides its localization services at the best prices in the market.
  • Experienced with all LMS: Our experts are proficient in LMS (Learning management systems) of all types, including Rise 360, Articulate, Captivate, Storyline 360, Lectora, Presenter, Madcap Flare, Macromedia Flash, etc.

Getting localization service from DTP Labs is more of an investment and not an expense – as the enterprise will see an increase in sales and revenue due to better global reach. So, if you are looking for the best firm for eLearning translation and localization in Spain, get in touch with us.