Get the Best DTP & eLearning Localization Services in Life Science with DTP Labs

With the advancement of technologies, life sciences have become an amalgamation of various fields and require a collective international approach. New developments are taking place every day, which are then studied in different parts of the world. That has meant that studies of life sciences rely heavily on eLearning and also eLearning localization service in life science.

DTP Labs provide the best eLearning localization services in life science courses. Life Science eLearning content can take multiple forms – verbal, images or diagrams, audio, videos, presentations, etc. Our eLearning localization services in life science will provide localization for all these forms. Whatever type of eLearning software your enterprise might be using, we shall provide localization for you.

Image Localization, Touching, And Editing with DTP Labs

Life Science makes great use of images of all types – particularly diagrams. One of the key parts of our eLearning localization services in life science is image localization which involves changing image attributes and other properties. This service, along with other desirable edits and touches, can also be requested on its own. It is provided by certified and the best experts in the industry.

PDF to word conversion

Our Multilingual Online DTP Services

Desktop publishing is the art of giving documents a visual appeal or ensuring that it adheres to a particular aesthetic. That includes making desirable changes in font sizes, margins, line spacing, indents, alignment, etc. You may need to outsource desktop publishing for your eLearning or translated content. Our online DTP services are widely preferred in the Life Science field due to their premium quality.

Our online DTP services extend to all the languages spoken globally – whether oriental or occidental.

That means you can get all your DTP needs across various languages served through us, and also that we will ensure that your document retains an aesthetic uniformity across various languages. You can outsource desktop publishing to us to get timely and cost-effective results.

Our PDF File Conversion Outsourcing

Portable Document Format or PDF is the common file type used in Life Science for creating and sharing documents – whether educational or otherwise. These documents can be created easily – either digitally using software like Microsoft word or by scanning their hard copies. They are, however, rather difficult to edit and thus have to be converted to word files for editing, translation, localization, or other purposes. PDF file conversion outsourcing through DTP Labs is the best way of dealing with this problem.

PDF file conversion outsourcing to us is the most cost-effective and efficient way of converting files, whatever the purpose of the conversion may be. We shall restore the aesthetic of the original PDF file to the converted document. Manual corrections will be made, wherever necessary, to ensure quality results. In the case of larger documents, you can always request the conversion of only a small part of the document.

Enterprises planning to outsource desktop publishing for documents or require any of the other services mentioned above in relation to life science shall, thus, be best served if they partner with us.