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Go Global With e-learning Localization Services from DTP Labs

Taking one’s business global has its own set of challenges. E-Learning Localization, for employers, offers a time and resource efficient way to train employees for enhancement of their skills and knowledge. It is also used by organizations to train their partners and customers to increase adoption, retention, and ultimately, revenue.

We have expertise in localizing courses in almost all languages, including Western (like French, Dutch, German, Portuguese), languages that use non-western scripts (like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai), and languages that use bi-directional scripts (like Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu).

E-Learning is ushering forth a revolution also in the education/training sector, simply because it removes the barriers of distance, the number of people who can take a course, the time of the day/night they can take the course in etc. The advantages it offers has made it the chosen method for corporations in training employees. 

One significant challenge that global organizations face when trying to use the same e-learning content globally is localization. There are barriers to language which must be surmounted, often through e-Learning translation services. However, even after you have managed the translation, there will still be formatting, layout and other typesetting errors. You need more than a good translation to make your e-Learning content work – you need it localized.

At DTP Labs, we are the leading and one of the most experienced eLearning translation and localization servicesproviders across the globe. We can help you take your content truly global through our eLearning localization services


Localization Is More Holistic Than Translation

It is crucial to understand that elearning localization services can help you ensure that the eLearning content will actually work for an audience in a different location and culture – it is more than a verbatim translation. It ensures that the messages get through without losing their effectiveness and while retaining their original appeal. For example, unlike e-Learning translation services, we localize not only the verbal content but also images, subtitles, and much more. Localization doesn’t focus on words but tries to dynamically change the design and multimedia aspects.

Our eLearning localization services can be applied to several eLearning methodologies, including:

  • Online training
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Quizzes, questions, etc.
  • Video localization
  • Localization of photos
  • Several other training, orientation, and development programs

Our ability to provide localization assistance with all these various forms of eLearning content is one of the biggest reasons we are the preferred choice for all our global clients.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients to localize their E-Learning courseware:

  • Preparing your E-Learning course for localization
  • Localizing the courses using translations provided to us (including audio/video synchronization).
  • Bitmap and vector art localization
  • Voice-over localization
  • Subtitle integration and localization
  • Flash animations localization
  • Localization of written content
  • Localization service for images
  • Helping to provide a better understanding of various intricacies of local culture.
  • Creating a simple toolkit that shall help your enterprise in localizing its content in a better way.
  • Assistance in creating modules that are easier to localize to better streamline the process for a global audience.
  • On-Screen Test or OST localization
  • Audio track editing
  • Voiceover synchronization for localized video files.

This diverse range of services makes us the best firm for eLearning translation and localizationfor any organization looking for a holistic approach to their eLearning content. From text to images to videos to voiceovers, from questions to explanations to case studies, whatever form your eLearning content may take, we will assist you!

Special Perks of using elearning Content Localization from DTP Labs

Let us tell you more about the perks of going for our dtp services.

  • A Single elearning Content LocalizationService For All Languages

With scores of languages around the globe that their targeted audience might use, eLearning translation and localization services will be needed for each such language. Now with most eLearning localization services; the translations are limited to very few languages. That is not the case with DTP Labs. With us, you get eLearning content localization in all the languages of the world. That includes all the European languages, as well as languages using different scripts and languages that have a bi-direction script. We also work with all middle-eastern languages, like Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Hebrew etc. 

If people across different cultures are to use your products, then it is sensible that eLearning translation and localization services can actually assist you in ensuring that your content doesn’t end up causing unnecessary offense. For example, several emojis, gestures, words, etc., have different meanings across different cultures, and thus, in the wrong place, the content that seems alright to you can offend the people of some countries.

  • Command over eLearning Tools

Our experts have a ready command over various eLearning tools and have experience with the localization of content. Thus, whatever eLearning tools your enterprise may be using, we will be able to provide suitable eLearning translation and localization services.

  • 360-Degree Localization Solutions

As mentioned before, we provide a plethora of eLearning translation and localization servicesthat help our customers ensure that all their eLearning content – whatever form it may take, can be completely localized. 

  • Better Communication 

Along with elearning translation services, localization ensures that you will be able to communicate more confidently, knowing that it shall be understood the same way in all branches of your enterprise across the planet. As the best firm for eLearning translation and localization, DTP Labs will ensure that any new eLearning modules are localized for various desired regions expediently.

  • Experience

Localization is an art that might need years to master, and as one of the most experienced eLearning localization services, we have mastered its various intricacies. Thus, by hiring us, you stand to benefit from all those years of experience.

  • Avoid Accidents and Errors

Human errors are one of the biggest reasons why many enterprises run into undesirable losses. These losses can be avoided to a great extent with better training and development of your employees. Several times, these problems may arise because eLearning content was not localized well enough – causing gaps in the understanding of the employees. DTP Labs provides thorough eLearning translation and localization services that can help tremendously reduce these risks.

  • Cost And Time-Effective Solutions

One of the biggest reasons for going for eLearning localization servicesprovided by DTP Labs is that our services are availed at the best prices and are also a realtimesaver. DTP Labs provides the best firm for eLearning translation and localization, which lets you better focus your resources and increase productivity.

  • Relevance

Often even if you go for the very best eLearning translation services, you will find that content is no longer relevant to some particular locality. Significant changes might be needed to some modules to ensure that they stay relevant to a local audience. DTP Labs have experts that excel at providing these changes as a part of our eLearning content localization.

  • An Integral Part of Your Global Strategy

Being the best firm for eLearning translation and localization, DTP Labs provides a service that should be a part of your global expansion strategy – for every new region you enter; you will have to localize eLearning content. Since our services extend to all languages, we are the only service you will ever need to contact.

Some of the eLearning tools we provide proficient services in

The following are some of the tools our experts are proficient in:

  • Rise 360 – a browser-based eLearning tool that can be used on any device.
  • Articulate Storyline 360 – a software-based eLearning SAAS tool.
  • Lectora – another cloud-based eLearning tool that lets users design and publish courses. Excellent for presentation.
  • Adobe Captivate – an eLearning tool that is more useful with responsive elements, including virtual reality, software, etc.
  • Presenter – another eLearning tool that has a wide range of applications.
  • Madcap Flare – another eLearning tool that is also an excellent content management system.
  • Macromedia Flash – An eLearning tool that uses a variety of media tools to help create eLearning courses.
  • And many more.

These are some of the most potential as well as popular eLearning tools. That said, whichever tool your enterprise might be using, our experts will be able to assist you through eLearning content localization.

DTP Labs – A Service You Can Trust

It must be clear thus far that we are the best firm for eLearning translation and localizationyou can go for. Partnering with us for your eLearning content translation needs will help you get the best of the various perks mentioned above and much more. Our services are already being used by clients from across various industries and from different regions of the planet. If you are looking for an eLearning content localization service, you should feel to contact us for our services. 


What is the role of Localization Engineering in e-Learning translation?

Enterprises need to train their employees about various methods and technologies, and for this, they often need to translate their e-Learning content into various languages. Our e-Learning translation services are designed to ensure that there is consistency in the page layout of your eLearning content across different languages (including audio and video synchronization). The final output is therefore localized to better reflect local values.

Are your DTP Specialists native speakers?

No. Being a native speaker is not a requirement for being a DTP specialist. Our DTP specialists have a high level of experience in setting a plethora of languages, though – and that is what is needed of an eLearning translation service provider. We have over 50 DTP experts with experience in over a hundred languages of the world.

Do you charge hourly or by the page for post-translation DTP?

We are flexible in pricing, however, we prefer to charge per page for post-translation DTP. For elearning translation and localization, we generally charge hourly and provide a lumpsum quote prior to start of the project.

Are prices fixed for all languages, or do they vary?

No, as the best firm for eLearning translation and localization, we cannot, in fairness, charge the same prices for all languages. The prices vary according to what region the language is from – that is, if it is European, Asian, or Indic. Another factor is whether the language is Left-to-Right (LTR) or Right-to-Left (RTL)