25 years of service excellence

Our 25-year journey from PageMaker to Storyline!

In 1994, ‘DTP LABS’ started with 2 operators working on our maiden project in PageMaker. In the nascent years, we handled traditional typesetting for book publishing companies and our deliverables were ready-to-print PDF’s. Today, DTP Labs is making its presence felt in e-learning segment, and our deliverables are online courses.

Currently we provide premium Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Multimedia Engineering and E-Learning services to localization companies and translation agencies worldwide. In all these years, our team has grown hand-in-hand with our clients, and currently has more than 50 in-house specialists with production houses in Eastern Europe and Asia. We have scaled-up our team and production capacity, strengthening each service into a self-sufficient vertical.

Our growth, both in terms of scale and the services we provide to our clients, has been organic yet rapid. As of now, DTP LABS works with of 9 of the top 20 translation agencies (LSP’s) worldwide, and we envision doubling this number in the near future.

A heartfelt thanks to our patrons, employees, clients and well-wishers who have been a part of our success story so far.

Our journey continues….

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